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Learning Disabilities

Excellent Resources:

EZC Readers – Great for tracking and staying on focus.

EZC Readers

Wikki Stix

Wikki Stix are great to use to underline or circle words, form letters… Thanks to the people at www.wikkistix.com, if you attend any of my presentations with the Bureau of Education and Research, you will receive a sample.


Wikki Stix

Thank You, Mr. Falker

Scholastic’s Book is full of Graphic Organizers in varying levels.  Help the brain to make those connections!


Graphic Organizers for three different levels!


Graphic Organizers

Thank You, Mr. Falker – A great book about a student who is struggling… Author shares her own struggles in learning to read.


Use highlighting tape, highlighters, post-its, flags, color coding dots…  simple accommodations can sometimes make a huge difference.

Highlighter Tape and Post it Flags

Use color paper, story boards, index cards, paper strips, dry erase boards, and transparencies instead of always paper/pencil.

Dry Erase Board

8-Point Story Board

Post it notes are another alternative to paper/pencil.  (Nick didn’t like to write on regular notebook paper, but accomplished the task of beginning, middle, and end of the reading passage by using Post-it Notes instead.)

Post it Notes

Post it Notes

This 8-Point Storyboard is another alternative to regular paper/pencil writing, where assignments are written in 8 boxes instead of regular notebook paper. Defined smaller space is a great accommodation for students who don’t like to write. It can easily be a 4-Point Storyboard, or a 6-Point Storyboard… it’s all in the fold of the paper. Using color paper is even better.

8-Point Story Board