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About Denise

“We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own.” Ben Sweetland



Teacher K-University, mentor, administrator, reader, writer, contracted presenter,  staff facilitator, volunteer

Past president and on the Executive Committees/Boards of Seattle Reading Council and Washington State Organization Association; past president of state and local Boards include Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Miami Chapter, Broader Opportunities for Learning Disabilities, and  Division of Learning Disabilities State CEC; University Student CEC Chapter Advisor


My current interests include family/friends, Mika, my Tabby-cat-Mother’s-Day-present-in -2008, Izze, our new addition – an energetic, loving golden retriever, healthy vegan nutrition, yoga, running, watercolor painting, piano playing, reading, and writing.


Dear Colleague,

I feel fortunate in my career as an educator that I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of roles to support students who struggle. I have been a special education teacher; I have provided support as a reading specialist and a curriculum support specialist; I have worked at the classroom level, school level, and the central office level; and I have also been an administrator providing support to teachers and other administrators, while focusing on literacy curriculum, students who struggle with literacy, and professional development. By far, the most rewarding experience of my past thirty-eight years in the field of education has been building those “ah-ha” moments with the students who need us the most.

Additionally, for the past eighteen years, I have worked with undergraduate/pre-service teachers and graduate students at the university level in the areas of literacy and learning disabilities, and I have learned so much from them. Beginning teachers have a hunger for information and a desire to succeed that is incredibly rewarding. I also continue my focus on working with teachers and administrators from a variety of school districts, providing high quality professional development.

My goals in professional development reflect the needs that I hear from the teachers and administrators with whom I have worked, and I look forward to providing consultation services and professional development to you, your school, or your district, helping you make that important learning connection in an effective, professional growth experience.

Feel free to contact me with your professional development needs.

Denise M. Gudwin, Ph.D.

For more info, download my Curriculum Vita